Yu-Gi-Oh! English version vs. Japanese version!


since 2001, I have looked at the English dubbing version of the first yu-gi-oh and GX after that. And I made a comparison with the Japanese version and I must well say that the English version is hammy and is rather talkative with cheesy dialogues instead of getting to the matter of the story and the excitement that the Japanese version presents. I would like to be fair to say that blame 4K media, formerly known as 4kids entertainment for dubbing a japanese anime into a piece of low-brow garbage.

Why dubbing is bad for the show!?

Even if the dub is made to be age appropriate for children, some of the English-speaking audience will find the dub annoying not to mention creepy for most of the series. Also, the soundtrack’s definitely too much music and not enough dark and brooding melodrama in the situation. Furthermore, they butcher the original work by adding immature forms of American names for the characters while the names are just the way they are in the Japanese version. Also the dubbing also made the characters a bunch of hammy goof-offs instead of studying the Japanese version for once. Although I have to say not all of the dubbing is bad, but they butcher the artwork of the duel monsters in comparison to the Japanese version. Heck, the Japanese version isn’t afraid to be a bit more TV-PG at least while the English dub is rather childish at most. I oughta challenge the 4K Media Konami guys to a duel to see who is better my idea for an anime or their way of hammy dubbing.

what’s so bad about the English storytelling in comparison to the Japanese version?

Everything’s wrong with the English story! they even are afraid to finish off the story of every anime and GX along with 5d’s is no exception. I mean what are they afraid of if they dubbed the dark and gritty fourth season along with the grand finale to 5D’s main second season story? What are they hiding!? We have the right to demand to know the truth. It’s not enough that they pull the whole “heart of the cards” nonsense. Now, they’re kids into bullies and delinquent’s with 4kids’ arrogant might makes right policy. Once again, Japanese version is better in anime.


Japanese version wins hands down folks. With the excessive U.S. Company meddling, they just turn yu-gi-oh into some low-brow nonsense. Heck, I didn’t even cry once in the orichalcos saga in the first Yu-Gi-Oh! So Japanese version win the war nontheless in majority and in the audience.



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